Bypass iCloud Activation ios 7.1.2 iphone 4 [With Network fix]

Bypass icloud activation ios 7.1.2 this guide is particularly for iPhone 4 no guarantee this will work with other devices, this guide how to bypass icloud activation ios 7.1.2 means, iCloud lock removing in 7.1.2 with network fix can actually fix the No Service issue after bypassing it through ssh.jar and WinSCP. This is a new method to bypass the icloud lock in iPhone 4 as iPhone 4 is the only that can be exploited with limera1n. The reason behind supporting iPhone 4 is A4 Processor Chip which can be exploited with limera1n in DFU mode. This is latest iphone 4 icloud bypass no service fix.

This is not my work, i’ll like to thank  @iCloudHackCheck for posting his research in his feed, i want this to be shared with all people who are still stuck with iCloud Activation Lock, and more for those who have deleted the and bypassed without network ‘No Service’.

How to bypass icloud activation ios 7.1.2 iphone 4 [With Network fix]

This guide is almost same as deleting the and bypassing the activation screen, the new thing is that you have to copy few system files form the downloads and overwrite them in your iPhone. The technique is to add some files & folders like caches & lockdown which makes iPhone able to activate in iTunes without a SIM card and then lock your own iPhone with your own Apple ID and erase it with message, finally performing a full restore and activating with SIM card normally and getting your iPhone back in a normal state, which seem pretty agreeable. People alwasy ask questions like iphone 4 no service after icloud bypass, iphone 4 icloud bypass with network, how to fix no service in iphone4 after bypass and all, this is what my answer for these questions.

I have NOT tested this method yet, but i agree to the guide for the process and you may get it successfully done. He claims successful bypass in 3 iPhone with this method. This method was used in iOs 7.1.1, this may still work in iOs 7.1.2 if not you can pull the file like mnt1 and mnt2 from other iPhone if available. So, this guide is worth a try.

Before Starting:

  • Restore your iPhone with fresh iOs using iTunes without a SIM card in it so that iTunes won’t be able to get to the Activation mode (Don’t let iTunes know that restored iPhone is iCloud Locked)
  • Do NOT insert SIM card during whole procedure

First, Download this Zip File and extract them on your desktop.


  • Get iPhone to DFU Mode
  • Start SSH.jar (Must have Java installed in you computer to use this)
  • After SSH displays success! DO NOT close it, leave it there as it is
  • Open WinSCP.exe
  • Connect to connect to Localhost port 2022
  • User: root  Pass: alpine
  • After WinSCP loads open terminal window and run
  • Go To ‘<root>’, go to ‘mnt1’ and then inside mnt1 navigate ‘applications’
  • In applications you will find ‘’ delete it.

How to bypass icloud activation ios 7.1.2 iphone 4 [With Network fix]

Overwriting mnt1 and mnt2:

You can find mnt1 and mnt2 in the zip file you have downloaded earlier.

  • After deleting, click back arrow (<-) and you will be in <root>
  • drag the mnt1 and mnt2 folders form the extracted folder and overwrite originals
  • Now Turn off iPhone by pressing both Power and home button and power on again
  • Use Exit Recovery from the extracted folder to exit recovery mode.

DO NOT connect iPhone in iTunes and DO NOT insert SIM Card or try to Activate.

POWER OFF iPhone again.

Adding ‘caches’ and ‘lockdown’ Folder:

  • Put in DFU
  • Run SSH.jar
  • After SSH displays success! DO NOT close it, leave it there as it is
  • Open WinSCP.exe
  • Connect to connect to Localhost port 2022 (same as done before while deleting
  • User: root  Pass: alpine
  • After WinSCP loads open terminal window and run
  • Go To <root>, and navigate to /mnt2/root/Library/ drag and placed the Caches folder and lockdown folder together
  • Go inside Lockdown folder and place the .pem files (Look in ‘Files_to_place/Pem_Files’ Folder)
  • Now go back to <root>
  • Navigate to /mnt1/usr/libexec and place the lockdown file (Look in ‘Files_to_place/Lock_File’ Folder)

Power off the device by holding both Power and Home button same time and Power ON again.

Without SIM card let iTunes detect your iPhone, it will greet you to your new iPhone. (Network is not Fixed yet)

Locking your iPhone with your own iCloud ID and erasing it:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi network and login into iCloud with your ID and turn ON Find my iPhone
  • From desktop or from same iPhone, go to and login to your account(you can also use Find my iPhone app)
  • You can see your device in your icloud Find My iPhone app inside
  • Turn ON lost mode, leave a message from owner and erase the iPhone, and finally don’t forget to UN-LINK the device.
  • After you Un-link the device let it be erased in wi-fi network.

bypass iCloud activation lock

Inserting SIM, Restoring and Unlocking:

  • Finally restore your iPhone with the IPSW file or Online in DFU or Recovery Mode
  • Insert you SIM card and Activate you iPhone in iTunes or over Wi-Fi

REMEMBER you will not be NETWORK UNLOCKED with this method. Enjoy this guide how to bypass icloud activation ios 7.1.2, leave your comments, like it & share it.

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