SEE chance exam, compart routine 2073 2074

SEE chance exam, compart routine 2073 2074 is out, those who scored D or E grades can re-apply for chance exam 2074. You can apply for this exam to improve or increase you grade. If you want to increase your GPA give this exam to do so.

SEE chance exam is also termed as compart exam in Nepal. As grading system has been implemented so, we should term this as chance exam. If you are looking for improvement in your grade and want to score more grab this opportunity.

Advantages of SEE Chance Exam / compart 2073 2074

If you are in a dilemma to take this exam or nor? You should consider the following advantages and decide wisely.

  • Increment in your subject grade
  • D or E grade lower can be increased
  • You will get higher GPA

You should consider the scenario and take your decision as you can only apply for two subjects. If you score D in only one subject and C, B+, A or A+ in others, you should definitely take this SEE chance exam of 2073 2074. If you study hard and get B or B+ instead of D your GPA will be great. Thus, consider your opportunity this SEE chance exam can increase your grade.

Facts about SEE Change exam (supplementary exam) 2073 2074

  • Only two subjects can be given as chance exam
  • Two Subjects with grade D OR E can be registered
  • Result with two Ds or Es OR one D, one E are eligible for chance exam
  • Result with more than two subjects having D or E are not eligible for chance exam

Take a look at these pictures to get clear idea about chance exam rules

eligible see chance exam 2074
Eligible for chance exam, Only one ‘E’ in Final Grade (Comp.Mathematics)
Not eligible see exam 2074
Not eligible for Chance exam. Have more than 2 ‘D’ and ‘E’

Find the SEE chance exam routine / compart exam routine 2073 2074 in the picture. Good luck for those who will appear in this exam. Like us in Facebook to get result of this compart / chance exam.


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