SLC result 2073 2016, SLC result 2072/2073

SLC result 2073 2016 is published, you can check your result here. This result is for those students who appeared in 2072 SLC exam, this exam is conducted annually by Nepal Education Board Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. SLC is regarded as iron gate in Nepal, while in other countries High school is considered as SLC, government is planning on to make plus 2 as SLC soon.

Currently education board is planning for grading system for results like A,B,B+,B-,C, C+, C-, D, D+, D- and F. Let’s hope 2073 result of SLC will come out with this grading system. The advantage of grading system is that, there will not be competition based on percentage obtained by the student, the comparison of student will be based on grade like, A grade student, B grade student and so on.

SLC RESULT 2073 2072

You can check your result online from our SLC Result 2073 with marksheet page. You will find online result checking form, just fill up your symbol number and date of birth and check your result. Printable version of marksheet is also available in that page.

SLC Result 2073


How to check SLC result 2073 from mobile phone SMS? Here is a simple way to check your result form your mobile phone. Just follow these instructions: Go to Messages in you mobile phone, select compose message, Types SLC give space then type your Symbol Number and send to 1600. After sending message you will receive a SMS shortly with your result and marks if service is activated. This same process in steps with example:

  • Go to Messages
  • Select compose message
  • slc<space>symbol number
    • example: slc 1234567X
  • Send to 1600

That’s it you will receive a SMS shortly with your PASS FAIL remarks. If you need full slc result 2073 with marksheet you will need visit Slc result 2073 or visit and look up for your symbol number. Good luck for your result.

Sources have confirmed that this year SLC result 2073 will be published with grading system, this will change the perspective we judge students’ ability according to grade they achieve. In my view there is no difference between the grading system and percentage system except that there will be no fail students, which i don’t think is a good idea at all.

Those students who will achieve lower grades will be treated same as of fail students. Colleges/Universities will not accept those students for admission in their school for admission. I am sure that reputed colleges will set their standards and accept only A & B grade students, and what about the others? Don’t they deserve quality education? The discrimination of bright student with higher grade against those who are talent but achieved lower grades will go on forever.

The list below is what you can understand about grading system according to percentage

  • A+ = 90% and above (Grade Point 4.0) (Remark : Outstanding)
  • A = 89% to 80% (Grade Point 3.6) (Remark : Excellent)
  • B+ = 79% to 70% (Grade Point 3.2) (Remark : Very Good)
  • B = 69% to 60% (Grade Point 2.8) (Remark : Good)
  • C+ = 59% to 50% (Grade Point 2.4) (Remark : Above Average)
  • C = 49% to 40% (Grade Point 2.0) (Remark : Average)
  • D+ = 39% to 30% (Grade Point 1.6) (Remark : Below Average)
  • D = 29% to 20% (Grade Point 1.2) (Remarks: Above Insufficient)
  • E = 19% and below (Grade Point 0.8) (Remark : Insufficient)

That’s the grade you will be getting this year. Hope you will pass with good grades, getting lower grades is not bad there are more educational platforms higher than class 10 you can prove yourself there. One thing is sure, competition has raised in all sectors of education even when you look for place to read you need to compete for the seat. So, try hard to survive in this tough competitive environment, wishing you best of luck for your future and SLC result 2073.

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  1. shambhu yadav

    June 10, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Thank you for this important information 🙂 helpful for me 🙂

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  3. navin sharma

    June 17, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    slc mark sheet hernu panre

  4. Aniket jha

    June 22, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    this grade system is very bad for all those student who had bring good result or marks in all subject but got d+ grade such student can’t apply for supplementary exam n can not study science ya commerce or diploma

  5. sunny raut kurmi

    November 14, 2016 at 11:30 am

    2071,2072 ma slc fail hune students haru lai yaspali ko slc ko form deat kaile khulxa

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