Unlock iPhone in Nepal, How to Unlock your iPhone?

Unlock iPhone Nepal, Do you have iPhone locked to any networks from USA, UK , Japan, or any other countries? Need to unlock iPhone in Nepal? are you trying to find a reliable and cheap source? Then we are your answer. Well first let’s take a look about iPhone unlocking, there are mainly two types of unlocking for iPhone, one is known as Gevey unlock and another is the factory unlock (IMEI unlock) it is your choice to choose any of the unlock method.

Gevey Unlock

Gevey is a hardware unlock for your iPhone it is considered as a temporary unlock method as it may not work with the latest software update. It is a chip placed under your SIM card to operate you iPhone to get signal. You can get a gevey sim anywhere in a local mobile shop or repair center. It will const about  US $15 to $30 depending up on the quality of the chip.

unlock iphone in nepal with gevey

Factory / IMEI Unlock iPhone in Nepal

This is done using your device IMEI, it is totally digital service done through online services and payments, i.e you don’t need to visit a shop or repair center to unlock your device you can do this from you home, all you need to provide is your IMEI number of your locked device. This method costs from US $10-$150 depending upon the carrier (Network) your device is locked to. Using this method you don’t need to risk your privacy by handing your device to a shop or repair technician, just order online wait for unlock conformation email and activate with a local SIM card.

unlock iphone in Nepal with IMEI

You must be wondering how you can unlock your iPhone online? Don’t worry, you can email me at admin@nepalitrend.com to unlock  your phone by providing me your IMEI number. I can give you unlocks in real cheap prices than in the market, my preferred payment methods are eSewa, PayPal and Bank deposits. Email me with your IMEI number to unlock iPhone in Nepal, OR simply fill up the form with your Name, contact number, your request and click send. I will try my best to reply you within 24 hours.

Please include your IMEI number in your request (Dial *#06#).

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