www.epsnepal.gov.np Result 2017, EPS-Topik Result 2074

This is the result of Korean language testing system which is always conducted under the surveillance of Labor & Employment Ministry of Nepal, for the foreign employment of Nepalese citizens. If you gave EPS exam early in 2017/2074 you can check result.

Please get your result from the Human Resource Department of  South Korea website. Websites like, www.epsnepal.gov.np result 2017, eps.go.kr and similar other EPS result sites.

According to the Korean Language Test under the Labor and Employment Ministry of Nepal. 15,298 applicants are pass on this test. You are eligible to go for work in South Korea after your interview. Current requirement of Nepalese workers in South Korea is 1000 in Manufacturing. And 2100 in Agriculture & Animal Husbandry. Thus, only 3100 will work in Republic of Korea.

Please Read the Notice from Ministry of Employment and Labor Nepal for those who passed the Korean language test.

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www.epsnepal.gov.np Result 2017, EPS-Topik

After you pass EPS exam, you will be interviewed and your (police record) background will be checked. There are many restrictions to get the working visa even you pass the Korean Language Test (KLT).  There are restrictions like age limit, clean police record and not blacklisted in Korean or Interpol database.

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We wish good luck to those who passed the EPS test, may your dreams of Korea come true. you can always check your result form www.epsnepal.gov.np result 2017 EPS exam result. Please read the above notice from the Korean Language Test organizers. Most important: you should not leave your job if you are selected in written test. You will get final result after interview.

In past, many people have been victimized. As they left their job right after they pass the language test. But they were not selected in interview. So, we request all those who passed this exam please read the above notice and follow those guidelines and like us on Facebook for more updates about similar topics.

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