You can check SEE/SLC Result 2074 2075 by using various methods provided by the Nepal Telecom and Ministry of Education. To check your SEE/SLC Result of 2074 2075 you can simply visit the Nepal Telecom’s Official Website You can get your result from ministry of education’s webpage,

How to check SEE SLC Result 2074 2075 using Nepal Telecom’s services?

Nepal Telecom has been providing SEE/SLC Result for a long time. Being one of the nation owned corporation, NTC is active in regulation of major Academic results across Nepal. So, this year’s SEE/SLC Result 2074 2075 is also available with NTC.

Check SEE SLC Result 2074 2075 2018 via SMS

SEE SLC RESULT 2074 2073

You can get your SEE/SLC Result in your message box. All you’ll need is your phone and 1 rupee balance i.e. Rs.1. We recommend you to get your result using Nepal Telecom’s SMS Service which is cheaper than the Sparrow SMS. NTC cots you  only Rs.1 where as Sparrow charges you Rs.5*. Therefore, go for the cheap and best NTC. Follwo the instruction below.

  • Create new message
  • Type SEE<space>Symbol Number
  • Send to 1600

Get SEE SLC Result 2074 2075 via webpage

Get your result via webpage using Nepal telecom’s service. You can get your result by visiting the NTC’s webpage.

SEE SLC Result 2974 2075 using NTC Landline PSTN

  • Dial 1600 and follow the instruction

How to check SEE SLC Result from Ministry of Education webpage?

You can get your result from Moe website. Just logon to the website and follow instruction written there. You will need your symbol number and date of birth to get your result from the webpage.

These are the official ways to check your result of SEE/SLC. Furthermore, there are other corporations offering the result like Ncell & EKantipur. These internet giants offered SEE/SLC result last year. So, let’s hope to get same services this year too.


  • karna bahadur malla

    June 16, 2017 - 1:55 pm

    symbol .no 0541876 date of birth 2057 /4 /6

  • Yuvrazz

    June 16, 2017 - 2:52 pm


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