April 25, 2015 (Baishak 12, 2072) was the date when Nepal was hit by the 7.8 Magnitude earthquake in board day around 11:55 AM (Nepal Standard Time), it’s center point was in Gorkha with depth of only 11 KM beneath earth surface. This earthquake have totally destroyed capital Kathmandu and other villages in Gorkha, Lamjung, Chitwan, the tremors (aftershocks) were felt about 40-50 times in past 3 days form April 25 to 28, aftershocks were so strong that people fear they were main hits. Those people who have survived have abandoned their houses and are living in  ground under open sky. Nepal government have arranged foods and blankets to the people but, they are not enough. Recently, in Kathmandu people had been demanding for water to drink, as there is no clean water for people there to drink in their temporary shelters. We have even hard that, shopkeepers have been selling food items in double prices than in usual, ‘police will take action if sellers found doing so’ was what response came from the government representatives after complains by people.

Nepal earthquake 2072

how many times did earthquake goes in Nepal on 2072? well, the main quake was for once other were aftershocks (tremors) felt about 40-50 times after 25th April. Place affected by earthquake? Major damage is done in Gorkha, Lamjung, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, however tremors were felt in western regions but damage is not as much of the east part of the country. Number of people killed in earthquake 2072 is increasing, this number will be updated timely along with the casualty (injured) people number. DEATH TOLL: 7,843  INJURED: 14,268.

earthquake in Nepal 2072

Places like Gorkha, Lamjung are still not touched by the rescue and relief teams. People are raising donations, goods, clothes and foods for the affected people through local clubs and organizations, people here have reached those sites before government to help people. Many international organizations like Facebook have stood forward to help Nepal financially in this point of time, PayPal has been raising funds for non-profit organizations to help Nepal.

Relief for qearthquake Nepal 2072

Local people leaving for Lamjung Relief from Pokhara
Local people leaving for Lamjung Relief from Pokhara

Neighboring countries: China, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh have sent their search and rescue team for  helping local rescue teams to search for lives beneath the rubble. Till now about about 50 people have been rescued alive in different area of Kathmandu. International search & rescue teams from : Israel, USA, Canada, France and other countries have arrive Nepal with food and water supplies aid.Nepal have received many helping hands throughout the world, we have to see how Nepal will manage and get it workout in speed recovery of the country.

Earthquake in Nepal 2072 will not be forgotten in centuries, as many historic identities have been destroyed. Some historic places were even recorded in UNESCO world heritage like Basnatapur Durbar Square, Patan Darbar, are now no more. Those places which attracted tourists in Nepal are destroyed, this certainly will bring low volume of tourist in the future.

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