Rock hard abs – Every one wants beautiful and ripped abs(abdominal), it’s like a dream for everyone who lift weights and even for those who don’t, here you will find facts of getting faster result on fat loss and rock hard abs. There are many methods people talk about fat loss, exercises and dieting but you need to follow one which you believe in. People make mistakes like trying one method for one week and then moving towards another method (program) which is not good, you must stick to a program for at-least 3 weeks performing the workout/exercise in a routine basis.

We expect high in less time and effort due to our busy and easy life surrounded with technology and entertainment, because of our high wants we follow one program for about 2-3 days and we go like “this ain’t working dude” and move to another program. We even skip few exercises out of a program routine, which is not good. Programs are prepared by experts with their knowledge in the field and their years of experiences and experiments. So, if we want ripped rock hard abs we should stick to a program by an expert and must not skip exercises mention in it.

Steps to get ripped rock hard abs

Talking about ripped abs, since abs are also muscle parts we need to workout for it the same way we do for our other muscles like chests, legs, shoulders, back, etc.. There are various exercises for abs, the major exercises are Sit-ups, crunches (even if some people don’t call them exercise) and most important aerobics (cardio).

Build muscles with sit-ups

As major exercise for chest is bench press, sit-ups is for abs. Sit-ups are the only exercises which develops the muscles in your abdomen. Every one have abs inbuilt naturally, natural abs are lean and separated into pieces.  With sit-ups your abs gets contracted & expended which creates muscle break down in abs and as we recover, muscles grow and you can feel the change. Never miss sit-up in your abs day, take advice from your trainer on the techniques to follow during performing sit-ups. People always complaint about back pain while performing sit-ups, if you give up after getting back pain you will never success. The main reason for your back pain is you are not habituated in sit-ups, once you keep on going you’ll get rid of back pain and believe me your lower back will be more powerful.

Do crunches regularly

crunches for ripped and rock hard abs

Crunches are regarded not as exercise, but i insist they are as there are various movement in your abs including the obliques. Crunches are in various forms, you can select yourself which crunch to perform according to the focused body part or stick to the program developed by an expert trainer. Always remember crunches will shape you abs, harden your abs  so don’t skip your crunches. Keep patience, follow your routine you’r good to go.leg raises ripped rock hard abs

Regular Cardio/Aerobic for fat loss

cardio for ripped rock hard abs

cardio for ripped and rock hard absRunning, jumping, skipping, cycling, swimming can be taken as cardio. Cardio is considered as the movement of body freely and use of oxygen to fulfilling the energy during performance of cardio, it will keep you fit and light. The continuous movement of body with high to low intensity as desired helps to burn excess fat from your body. Burning fat makes your abs visible to see. Cardio can be done indoors too, there are various exercises mentioned in Wikipedia about cardio and also scientific reasons between cardio and fat loss is explained there, take a look at Wikipedia for more information on Cardio.

Important factor for getting ripped rock hard abs

  • Motivation
    • Stay motivated, always think positive. Target your goal.
  • Focus
    • Focus on your workout. Focus your movement
  • Keep track
    • Track your performance, there are various apps in your smartphone that will help you track your workout progress by recording logs.
  • Nutrition
    • Eat well, less fat-high protein. Make a proper diet plan, diet plan doesn’t mean fasting or eating nothing at-all but what it really means is to make a routine for your diet time, i.e eat in same time with perfect time gap between 1st diet intake and 2nd and then 3rd and so on. 4 times food balanced with protein, crab and fats(2-3%) is great for your body’s muscle development. Any other supplements you wish to take can be included in you diet plan.

Over all getting beautiful abs is not easy, but it is not impossible either. You must be focused, well motivated to achieve what you really want. Those who give up early are not motivated and mislead their path by getting into others words. Always remember there is no shortcut for success, you must train hard succeed in your life. So, be motivated and motivate others towards a prospers life. How you will succeed to get ripped rock hard abs.

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