How to re-add Payoneer (USPS) bank account back in PayPal. Has PayPal removed your bank account? don’t worry, we have solution for you to re-add the same bank account in your PayPal Account. If you don’t know why your bank account got removed from you US PayPal account SEE THIS post to get more info.

How to Re-add Payoneer Bank Account in PayPal? All you need to do is to call PayPal and tell them to re-add the bank account. You will need a US phone number to call them as their customer support has a toll free phone number. Now the question is how to get a US phone number? and even more we’ll like to get it for FREE. To get a Free US Phone number SEE THIS post.

After you get your US phone number and collected all your personal information in Paypal , add the phone number in your PayPal account and click on contact at bottom of any PayPal webpage (you must be logged-in). There will be different ways to contact PayPal by phone call / by email and so on, we will select Phone call. After selecting phone call you will get a one-time passcode displayed on your screen (do not close that screen).

As your phone rings, PayPal answering bot will greet you and ask for the one-time passcode you can enter it or just say it one by one. After the one-time passcode verification bot will ask you questions about what your problem is? you should go on like bank account problem and it will send you to a customer service representative. Tell them that your bank account was removed from your PayPal account and ask them to add it back, they will ask your date of birth or your address or your phone number in your PayPal Account to confirm you are the real owner of the account and you are done. They will certainly ask you about your location, if you can change your IP by using a PVS or VPN that will be great else you’ll have to tell them that you are in a trip out of United States. That’s it and you will see your PayPal account verified again.

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