Have you forgotten your password or pattern in your android phone? Don’t worry you can learn how to unlock pattern lock pass-code, PIN by performing hard reset. All you need is little time and effort to remove pattern lock. You just need to perform a hard reset or factory reset your device. Factory reset is possible without accessing the setting inside menu using recovery mode. This recovery mode is available in almost every android operating system.

To Unlock pattern lock, you need to access recovery mode first. There are many key combinations for entering recovery mode depending upon your phone manufacturer. Below are the procedure for entering recovery mode in android devices according to specific models:

  • Unlock pattern lock on Samsung Devices
    • Samsung devices enters recovery mode with fixed key combinations. Volume up + Home + Power button from switch off mode will gain access to recovery mode. After entering the recovery mode you should select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and select ‘Yes.’  Then select ‘reboot system now’ to unlock pattern lock. Use volume up and down to navigate menu and power button to select (few models may have home button to select).
  • Unlock pattern lock on LG Devices
    • Most LG android devices have recovery mode. You can get access to recovery mode in LG devices then unlock pattern lock. First power off the phone and turn it back on while pressing volume UP(+) and power button at the same time. As you enter recovery mode, choose wipe data/ factory reset and reboot phone.
  • Karbonn / Colors / Micromax / Lava / Chinese phones
    • These phones are China made cheap phone with android operating system. These phones are cheaper in comparison to other brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC. Most people find these phones affordable. These phones have cheap CPU like MediaTek (MTK), Spreadtrum (SPD), Allwinner etc. As they are android phones, they all have recovery menu. But few manufacture try to hide recovery mode. Some case like you get access the recovery mode but you cannot get the wipe data option. You can try different key combinations to unlock pattern lock on these devices. Sometimes you get success sometime not.

Unlock Pattern lock on Android Devices

Till now we talked about entering recovery menu and erasing user data to unlock pattern lock. If your phone cannot access the recovery menu you should perform firmware restore / full flashing. This will restore your phone to factory settings. You can get tutorials for restoring firmware or upgrading firmware of your phone. For tutorials you can visit official webpage of your device company. you can search for correct firmware and tool to upgrade. Your serial number helps a lot while searching for correct firmware. Remember that flashing can kill your phone so make sure you have correct firmware package.

You can email me or connect via Facebook and ask me for solutions for unlocking pattern lock. I can provide you tools and methods to remove pattern lock from your device.


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