There is a security system known as icloud activation lock in all Apple devices and people are trying to break it calling as icloud activation lock bypass, People have been using iPhone, iPad for a long time till today all of us know about this lock. This lock main feature is to lock the device remotely, not only that whenever your Apple device is lost, you can log on to with your existing Apple ID and password which is linked with your lost device, you can remotely erase device to destroy your important data from misuse, you can leave a message with your contact number on it so that whoever founds it will return to you which have like 5% of probability. you cannot perform this task unless you have enabled find my iPhone service.

icloud activation lock bypass

Lets get to the point, icloud activation lock bypass? what does it means? does it means to use a lost and found device without knowing the apple ID and password? YES! you are absolutely right, it does means to use the device without having the user e-mail and pass code or whatever lock is preventing you to access the device. There are many software claiming to removing the icloud lock, but there are no evidence yet, among them famous one is software called doulci which turned to be noting but just a joke. There are many software found in 4shared, just go to and search for ‘icloud unlock tool’ etc.

let’s take a look in history, why Apple developed such protection system for its users. Now as you have Apple Inc, has been creating many interesting products like, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple watch. All these products have been useful to all people around world, every one now knows about Apple. When we ask people about Apple the first word that they speak is iPhone. iPhone is Apple’s revolutionary product, it has created many series and versions of the product, it became so famous by its unique features & its user-friendly operating system. People from any age range can easily use iDevices once it lands on their hand. With great accessibility and ease of use there are strict security measures like Pass code lock, finger print lock and the icloud activation lock. Till release of iPhone 4s there were many reports of devices being stolen, which troubled company and users. So, for discouraging thieves to steal Apple Devices, company introduced icloud activation lock system, before it just a cloud storage for users to store their important data in a remote server.

Is there really any icloud activation lock bypass ?

Is there any solution for this? Straight answer is NO, and there will never be such thing. If you have heard about any tool to get through this lock then they are all fake, no such ting ever existed nor will exist. People have been using IMEI service to get it unlocked, i would call it legit method to do so but success rate is really low, i mean why would you keep your money (almost about $200) lingering for 20-30 days when there is no guaranteed success? There have been so many reported cases of no refund policies by those servers who claims to unlock your device, so it is better to stay away from those services. What i suggest you? Just call the number and give them back their device they might be worried about it, put your self in the owner’s shoes for a monument and think how you feel about it. If you manage to get password and email from the user by paying him/her money that would be awesome! after that you can simply Turn off Find My iPhone from and use the device freely.

icloud avtivation lock bypass method

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