iCloud Activation Lock is the system of your iPhone, iPad, iPod being locked in the activation screen asking for Apple ID and Password of previous owner. Without the correct Apple ID and Password, you cannot access the device and use it.

This security lock was initiated form ios 7, this system is designed to discourage thieves from stealing iPhone and other devices manufactured by Apple Inc. this system secures users by letting the user know where the device is located, by this user can located and track iPhone. With this lock system Apple Inc. has been successful to attract customers who seek safety of device along with quality and durability.


Here’s how you can turn off this lock.

Go To:

Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone > Turn OFF

IF you don’t know the password:

Contact the previous owner and ask for the ID and password. OR tell him/her to go to iCloud.com and use the Apple ID to login, then click Find My iPhone icon and unlink the device. This process can be done remotely form anywhere just by visiting icloud.com

IF you don’t know the previous owner or could not establish a contact

If you cannot contact the previous owner you’ll have to use IMEI service to remove this Activation Lock from you iDevice. Visit here to get more information about this service.

What tools and services can remove icloud activation lock without apple id?

Trusted IMEI icloud removal service provider verified by NepaliTrend.com is lifetimeunlock.com you can email me at admin@nepalitrend.com for more information on lifetimeunlock. I have used their service it worked great for me, i suggest everyone to try their services. 100% safe and genuine seller for any iphone unlock

iCloud Remove by Server (Software Tool) **Not available any more**


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