iPhone 7 price in Nepal along with iPhone 7 plus is here. Get iPhone 7/7 plus price in NPR with VAT cost details. Get the exact amount for factory unlock iPhone 7 along with VAT on import. Here we’ll give you all price range according to the storage capacity of iPhone 7/7 plus. iPhone 7 price in Nepal will be final with factory unlocked value and Value Added Tax (VAT) on import.

Customs in TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) chargers 13% VAT on the original value of a device. Customs takes price reference from invoice included with package. But in case of iPhone and other luxurious items customs charges price from the website of the product. So, here is a refrence of Phone 7 price in Nepal as per Apple’s website:

  • For iPhone 7 (32 GB): $649 + (13% of $649)
    • $649 + $84.37
    • Price of iPhone 7 in Nepal with VAT = $ 733.37 (USD)
  • For iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB): $769 + (13% of $769)
    • $769 + $99.97
    • Price of iPhone 7 plus in Nepal with VAT = $868.97 (USD)
iphone 7 price in Nepal
Source: http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-7

iPhone 7/7 plus price in Nepal can be calculated with VAT by multiplying above price with current rate of NPR. You can get Current rate of 1 USD from Nepal Rastrya Bank (NRB) website.

iPhone 7 Price in Nepal for Factory Unlocked Models

The prices you see on Apple’s website are without shipping charges. If you buy iPhone 7 in the US from Apple store without under carrier’s contract you get it factory unlocked. But if your buy under contract locked from a carrier you need to unlock it to use other network SIM card. While under contract with a carrier iPhone is affordable as you pay monthly $32.41 USD, only if you are in the US.

So, to get iPhone 7/7 plus in Nepal charge of shipping is included. Thus, after adding shipping charges, VAT and seller’s profit. Selling price of Factory unlocked iPhone 7 and 7 plus will be around $1,186.64 to $2,008.66 (USD) while ordering direct from US, Europe, UAE and Australia. If you wish to avoid VAT and Shipping charges, you better contact your relatives abroad and ask for their favor.

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