Nepal Republic Day 2017 2074

What is Republic Day? well, we take republic day as that day when a country’s ruler is overthrown by the people/citizen of the nation. In context of Nepal republic day, it is celebrated in May 28 every year. May 28th is the day when the Shah dynasty of Nepal took down form the throne after mass protest of dictatorship by the king ruling Nepal.

May 28 is embossed in our history as Nepal Republic day, as it was one of the major step we took towards our freedom and created a nation ruled by its people by overthrowing the dictatorship monarchy. Even though our constitution writing and finalizing process really took long than we expected.

Nepal Republic Day May 28

As king of Nepal was abusing his power of sovereignty and using it against the people of Nepal, we protested in mass and shook the Palace and brought down the king from his throne. May 28 is the date when citizen got the sovereignty power within them to create a democratic government, created own Constitution and rule own nation.

Even though Nepal is Republic and constitution of 2072 is adopted, there are still many problems and issues that we are facing. Problems that our constitution is still in short to address them, we can say that this process of constitution building is still going on and will change according to or need and demands. As constitution is voice of people how they want to live in this country we can change every part and aspect of it.

Celebration of Republic Day in Nepal

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Celebrating the Nepal Republic day, government calls off all the government services and schools/universities remains closed during this day. There are few programs organized targeting the political leaders and political activities across nation. Citizens are rarely seen celebrating the Nepal Republic Day, which makes me curious that do Nepali people still remember our republic day?

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  • MA

    May 29, 2017 - 2:48 pm

    Republic day marks the day Nepal was declared a Federal republic state, not the day that the kings abdicated the throne. That day is marked by “LOKTANTRA DIWAS” on 11th Baishak.

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