Nepal Telecom Internet service review

As we all know, Nepal telecom is the first and government owned company to provide communication service in Nepal. Registered as Nepal Doorshanchar company limited under the company act 2053 on B.S 2061. This company has been successful to be identified in Nepal for telecommunications services it offers. Widely known as Nepal Telecom among general public, is providing internet service since 2000 A.D.

First phase of internet service provided by Nepal Telecom was a dial-up internet connection. During this period, users had to connect telephone line with computer and create a dial-up connection. It was a complex job to create a connection with username and password provided by NTC. The major drawback during dial-up connection was, your phone would be busy as you surf internet.

Nepal Telecom ADSL Internet service review

In 2008 A.D Nepal Telecom launched ADSL service for internet. It was a revolutionary step in internet connection field. To over come the problem faced during dial-up connection NTC introduced ADSL service. This service is still in practice all over Nepal. Telecom introduced this service with different bandwidth speed and service rates according to the speed of internet. This service immediately gained demand in market as every house with a landline telephone requested for service.

Until private internet companies emerged in Market  telecom’s ADSL service dominated the market. Private company introduced their internet services showing the drawbacks of ADSL service by NTC. The major point where private companies gained attention was on the internet speed and  bad customer service of NTC.

Nepal Telecom ADSL Internet costumer service review

Being one of the largest government owned company in Nepal, NTC fails in after sales service i.e customer service. It is not a new news that Nepal Telecom’s customer relation is pathetic. Telecom only cares about building and selling service to new customers and lags behind on satisfying the current users. NTC shows sales charts topping their target. If they research on customer satisfaction i bet their progress chart will drop directly towards negative.

The after sales service of Nepal telecom is really worst. The only reason i switched my ISP is because of the dissatisfaction i got from ADSL customer service. NTC if you are reading this review, please train your customer service representatives and try to gain costumer satisfaction.

NTC adsl internet service review

This applies not only in ADSL service, but in all services by NTC. If you are planning to get ADSL connection, just drop your idea and get any other internet connection.

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