SLC Result 2074, Result of class 10 for those who gave their SLC exams in 2074 their result is published.  Students can check their result with their grade sheet (mark sheet) online or using SMS service of Nepal Telecom. As of every year, this year students can check online from SLC Result Checking site.

All you’ll need is your symbol number and date of birth. With symbol number you can check your result of class 10 and by providing your date of birth you can view your marks or grades of SLC result 2074.

SEE/SLC result: checking result is fast using web service as you can easily get your grades quickly using the web service. But few people prefer to use the SMS service provided by Nepal Telecom using NTC services.

Furthermore result can be obtained using phone service i.e. Nepal Telecom’s PSTN (Land line) and CDMA phones, we’ll discuss all of these methods one by one to check SLC result 2073.

Check SEE result 2074 2075 via SMS Service

While checking your SEE Result of 2074, we strongly recommend you to use SMS service provided by Nepal Telecom as it the most cheap, fast and reliable source. Check the following guide to check your result via Nepal Telecom SMS service. The steps to check your SEE result 2074 via SMS service.

Please note that you must be using NTC phone number as other carriers might not be authorized to provide result with similar SMS syntax.

  1. Go to your message and create a new message
  2. Type SEE <Space> Symbol No. (Example: SEE 1234568W)
  3. Send to 1600

After your send your text message to 1600, you’ll soon receive a text message in reply to your request which will include your result as pass or fail.

Checking SLC  Result 2074 (2018) through web service

SEE Result

Using web service to check your result of SEE you can visit or our SLC Result checking page. While using the web service to check your result, you can get your grades (marks) if you click the ‘view marks’ button and provide your date of birth. Web service for checking your result of SEE will look same as the photo below.

Steps to check result using web service:

  1. Visit our SEE  result 2074 2075 with mark sheet page to get your result
  2. Input your symbol number (example: 1253847G)
  3. Submit your request using the submit button

Steps to check your result with mark sheet/grade sheet

SEE Result 2073 2074 SLC result with marksheet

  1. On the SEE  result 2074 checking page with grade/mark sheet select ‘View Marks’
  2. Input your ‘Symbol Number’ and date of birth on required fields

Below is a sample screenshot of webpage for checking your result with marks /grades

Check SEE result using Landline/CDMA phone

The final way to check your SEE result of 2074 is again provided by Nepal Telecom. This is via PSTN service of NT. PSTN service consists of Land line phones and wireless CDMA, using these services you can check your result easily by dialing 1600 and following the instructions.

Steps to check your result using PSTN service by Nepal Telecom

  1. Dial 1600 using land line or CDMA phone
  2. Follow the instructions

Above you have learned all possible ways to check your SEE result 2074, all you need to do is just follow one guide which you like. If you only need to check if you failed or passed the exam use the SMS service. Or if you need your marks/grades you’ll need to check your result using the web service.

Wish you good luck for your result. And for your future ahead. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more information regarding similar topics and more.


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    I couldn’t get one of my students’result of SLC 2073 Supplementary. My name Date of birth : 205702/23
    Symbol No. 0284398 J

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