Teenager murdered for practicing witchcraft in Oklahoma, USA. Jacob Andrew Crockett – 19 was murdered by 21 years old Isaiah Zoar Marin of same area. Isaiah and Jacob were not close friends, but they were in the same apartment with Isaiah’s brother. They both were playing card game while Isaiah’s brother was watching videos in youtube. Isaiah pulled out a black sword and begin swing it around, in a short time Isaiah’s brother heard a sound and looked up, he saw Jacob bleeding from his neck to his chest. Isaiah nearly beheaded Jacob by using a sword. After Jacob was attacked and bleeding Isaiah’s brother ran away form the scene as Isaiah was still holding the sword.

Saiah Zoar Marin
Saiah Zoar Marin

Later, Isaiah called 911 and confessed his crime, the investigations lead the police officials to the superstitious belief of Isaiah, that Jacob and his brother were ‘practicing witchcraft’. Isaiah was described as a strong Christian believer and follower by his own brother. Isaiah is now in police custody as he confessed his crime and was arrested with the weapon used in murder. Till now Practice of Witchcraft was heard only in Asian and African countries, this is a rare news in America that, some one was killed for practicing witchcraft. American people are shocked over this news.

Witchcraft is a superstitious activity, nobody knows it even exits or not. In Nepal, witchcraft superstition still exists, people are abused, beaten, burnt alive as punishment of practicing witchcraft. These activities define us as immoral, uncivilized, and illiterate. These activities are against the law and right of a free citizen in a democratic country like Nepal. We should be aware about our rights and should make others aware about their rights and duties to stop these activities in Nepal.

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