Traffic rules are broken more than 10,000 times in a minute across Nepal. People always break common traffic rule while driving, we are habitat to breaking traffic rules mostly unknowingly other those who know just follows another who don’t. It is very shameful that we break the rule knowingly, we should teach others who don’t. I see people don’t even know what traffic signs means, like there if is ‘NO PARKING’ sign people park their vehicle there and when traffic police tickets them, they quarrel with police claiming that no police ticket him yesterday when he/she parked in the same spot.

We blame that our law & order is weak, actually our law is strong, it is us who are making it weak but we can make change by following the rules, doing the right things and guiding those who are wrong.

Traffic rules should not be learned for obtaining your driver’s license, it is taught for your safety and people around while you drive. You should not neglect rules, it may become your cause of death. If you don’t fear your death, please think once about the innocent people you may harm, think about your family and friends who care about you.

Lets talk about the top traffic rules that we usually don’t follow:

1. Zebra crossing rule

We all are familiar with the word ‘zebra crossing’ and know what it is as well, we all know first right on zebra crossing is of pedestrian, i see everyday vehicles speeding towards pedestrian walking on zebra crossing. You are supposed to stop your vehicle and let the pedestrian cross the road, here i see everyone just speeding in front of people walking on a zebra crossing.

Zebra crossing


2. Speeding

Speeding is 90% cause of accidents in Nepal among which 65% accidents claims life. The speed limit is always crossed by each and every people who drive, i don’t get it why people speed so much? and the most important part in speeding is,  maximum number of unnecessary  speeders  are those who own motorbike or car bought by their father’s money, I mean who who don’t earn and asks money for Gas (petrol) with their mom behind their dad’s back. If you are one of those i suggest you not to speed on your father’s money, better use it for your better future.

3. Lane rule

The white line between road, ever noticed it? It is called lane divider so that, left lane vehicles and right lane vehicles will not crash with each other. Our dear Nepali riders/drivers don’t know which lane they should be driving at, if you don’t know this rule then please tear and throw your driver’s license.

In lane rule, there are two types of lanes one– unbroken straight line(_____), Two– broken dash line (——-), the unbroken straight line means you are strictly not allowed to cross your lane and the broken dash line means you can cross the lane and move to another lane only if it is safe. I see this rule is totally violated, a bus from right lane comes speeding into left lane just to overtake another vehicle uuff!! this is too much.

4. Talking on cell  phone/ music with earpiece

Number of accidents is recorded high when driver uses cellphone whine driving, human are not trained or are naturally able to focus on two things at a time so driving and talking is very dangerous. If you see someone talking on phone while driving, tell them it is not safe.

Music with earpiece is high with our bike riders, most people of Nepal own a motorbike or scooter, we all were helmet but.. you put yourself and others in danger when you put our earpieces with full volume on. Please don’t do that, it can become cause of your death.

5. High beam, low beam confusion

You know that our headlight can produce high beam and low beam light, mostly i see scooters, bikes and private cars in evening moving on with high-beam ON. You don’t know that another person coming opposite you cannot see the road clearly as you flash high beam on them, this may cause accident as your opposite driver is hit directly in his eyes by your precious light. Be clear, high beam is used for asking pass or to see the road ahead if it is very dark. You use high beam in a city area where there are streets lights to lit up your surroundings, shame on you! if you do so.

6. Overtaking rule

Overtaking is totally done wrong in Nepal especially by the youngsters who own bikes and scooters. Our driving rule is Left hand driving, i.e driver’s lane is Left, so you should never overtake a vehicle from left side. No overtaking on the sharp turns where you cannot see vehicle coming from opposite lane, please make sure you keep distance while overtaking,

overtaking rule for Nepal

As you have learned your mistakes, now its time to make changes. Spread the words, let all your friends and relatives know this, hit the share button below.


  • roshan chaulagain

    May 22, 2016 - 3:36 pm

    we must not think that trafic rules are for traffic these rules are for our safety so we need to change our thinking and lets follow traffic rules… safe ride.. take it pride..
    ### first time in life,i was given penalty for the reason of parking in no parking area but actually i had not seen that small board which is my negligence that now i am realizing. however i appreciated traffic police and took it as positively, for the reason i was excused and didnot take charge upon me. although i need to take class. hope the class provide me more information on safety traffic rules.

  • Aayush

    December 4, 2016 - 1:48 am

    Can you please explain to me about the Lane Filtering Rules in Nepal.

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